Just let me know what you want!!!!!
I can get any paddle and or accessories from kialoa.

Used paddles I have currently have

Carbonerrro El Doble Paddle 75 new = $679.99 Used = $340.00
Kialoa Hula light black new = $449.00 Used = $260.00
Kialoa Hula ultra light Gerry lopez new = $519.00 Used = $300.00
Kialoa pupu adjustable paddle new = $209.00 Used = $149.00

If there is a specific Paddle you would like to see or want to buy just Call or E-mail me to let me know. Here are all the brands I can get and generally if I don't have them I can get them from my warehouse in California and have them here in 2-3 days if they are in stock.

SUP Paddles