Stand Up Paddle Boards

Red Paddle Co.

The MEGA comes complete with the best backpack in the business, a repair kit, waterproof phone case and the Red Paddle Co Ezee pump leaving you more time to paddle.

A higher volume board for greater stability. This is the perfect board for bigger riders 220 lbs+ and the family paddler. Get the kids on board with you! A great board to use as a tender to get out to the boat. The mega is quite literally mega! the board is 4 3/4 in. thick. This increases stiffness while not affecting the ride and performance of this iconic board. The 4 3/4 in. thickness means that the rider can obtain greater stiffness at lower pressure. The 43/4 board is more the 40% stiffer than the 3 7/8 in. board at the same pressure.

If there is a specific board you would like to see or want to buy just Call or E-mail me to let me know. Here are all the brands I can get and generally if I don't have them I can get them from their warehouse's in a timely manner.

It's That Time Of The Year 
Time To Sell off Some Of My Rentals

2014 10'-8" Mega  
$800 with a paddle and a leash

Construction = Inflatable 
Psi rating = 25psi
Length = 10'-8" Width = 36" Thickness= 4 3/4"
Tri Fin