​​Dolan's Board Sports will be offering Stand Up Paddle long term rentals, sales as well as lessons. Corey (owner) started surfing in 1994, yes right here in Washington, and started Stand Up Paddling 2008. He always loved surfing but as he got older he found it hard to drive the two plus hours to get to the surf and after getting there not always having the best surf conditions. “Now after starting to stand up paddle I don’t have to go all the way out to the coast to surf I can put in to any body of water to get a good season.” Weather its the sound,  the lake or even the river you can surf any body of water. This sport has given Corey a hole new stoke and wants to be able to pass that same stoke on to every one. He feels that if you get out and try it  you to will fall in love with this new sport. He is going to be offering a mobile demo shop and is going to traveling to many of the bodies of water around washington state to pass on that stoke to everyone. You will also be able to call and reserve and rent a board anytime you want for as long as you want. He plans to offer many styles of boards from race/touring to surf and even some river boards as well as  good round  boards to do it all. If interested in lessons he would love to teach you. He is a ACA Certified level 2 Standup paddle instructor, level 3 Paddle Fit Coach and paddle fit affiliate. He has also been able to learn some paddle great paddle technics from several different Great waterman. Corey would love to pass on his knowledge to you!!!!

So just give him a call or a email and see what he can do for you!!!

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